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Forms & Policies


  • Deposit (to enroll 2 months notice)

  • All payments are nonrefundable

  • All vacations and sick days are paid in full

  • We bill monthly ahead Bill cycle 4-5 weeks

  • In order to change hours (give us 1-month notice)

  • 10% off siblings discount

  • Late pick up  fees every 15 minutes $10

  • Late payments fee $40

  • Bounced check fee $30

  • Flexible hours 

  • Payment Due date - 10th of each month

  • Payment - Procare, Zelle, quick pay, cash, check 





Children with any of the following symptoms are not permitted to attend daycare:
Fever of at least 100 º F as reading under arm, accompanied by one or more of the following:   

  • Earache

  • A headache        

  • Signs of irritability or confusion        

  • A sore throat        

  • Rash 

  • Fatigue that limits participation in daily activities

  • Vomiting: 2 or more occasions within the past 24 hours.

  • Diarrhea: 3 or more watery stools within the past 24 hours or any bloody stool.

  • Rash, especially with fever or itching.

  • Eye discharge or conjunctivitis (pinkeye) until clear or until 24 hours of antibiotic treatment.

  • Sick appearance, not feeling well, and/or not able to keep up with program activities.

  • Open or oozing sores, unless properly covered and 24 hours has passed since starting antibiotic treatment if antibiotic treatment is necessary.

  • Lice or scabies

Children are readmitted to the program when they no longer have any of the above symptoms and/or Public Health exclusion guidelines for child care are met. 
We notify parents and guardians when their children may have been exposed to a communicable disease or condition (other than the common cold). We also provide parents with information about that disease or condition.  We will notify parents and guardians of possible exposure by phone.  Individual child confidentiality is maintained.




Kids with allergies will be required to have their Individual Health Care Plan provided by the family pediatrician. 




If a serious accident occurs at the daycare premises, a staff member will administer first aid and immediately call the parents. If necessary, the child will be taken to the hospital.


We are taking extra steps to ensure the health and safety of our children and
caretakers. Below are a few of the steps we are taking:

  • Children must be in good health and exhibit no symptoms.

  • No parents, guests, or visitors can enter our daycare premises at any time until the coronavirus crisis has been mitigated.

  • Kids must be dropped off and picked up from outside of the daycare.

  • We follow an intense cleaning routine. We are all washing our hands more frequently, as well as sanitizing surfaces, toys, dishes, and bottles. We are doing laundry twice a week.

  • Employees will be completing a health check every day.




We provide organic homemade breakfast, lunch, and snacks on a daily basis for the children who are able to consume solid food. Children are encouraged to eat an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. The menu is designed to meet different kids' requirements and is very flexible for different needs, f.e. vegan, vegetarian and other lifestyles will be considered upon the request.

We provide organic whole milk/ plant milk. Formulas and breastmilk should be provided by parents. 

Since allergies have become a fact of life we will make sure that our facility is free from any food items containing the allergen.



Each parent will be required to download the ‘Procare software’ app and will receive a unique pin code for the quick and safe sign-in/out procedure. 

Through this platform, parents will have an opportunity to access the daily children's profile, track and receive updated schedules, which includes: naps, meals, important notes, pictures, and videos, and message support for daily convenience.


Besides, parents can use the app or the website to pay through the bank or credit card.



The birthday is a very special day. Parents may organize a party for the classroom upon the request. Please be sure baked goods contain no nuts products.

 In order no child’s feelings are hurt, parties are for children only! 

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